MassInsights™ Technology

UFX's unique trading technology, offering a Live Stream of market events & aggregated trader behaviour.

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MassInsights™ Stream Elements

Trending spots heavy BUY or SELL trend activity on a specific asset, in real-time, and displays it in the MassInsights™ Stream.

A Turnaround is displayed on the MassInsights™ Stream when a certain asset abruptly changes its direction. 

Volatility Spotted 
The Volatility Spotted feature is shown when the system detects rapid BUY/SELL activity on a specific asset. These assets tend to be more volatile and have sharper and bigger market movements. 

Increase in Openings
Increase in Openings is displayed on the MassInsights™ Stream when more traders than usual decide to open trading positions on a specific asset. 


Volume Growth
Volume Growth is shown for an asset when there's larger-than-usual growth in overall trading volume on an asset. 

Going Up
Going Up is shown when a specific asset's direction is going up, also known as an Uptrend. 


Going Down
Going Down is basically the opposite of Going Up. The MassInsights™ Stream will display Going Down on a certain asset when its general direction is down, known as a Downtrend.  


Financial Events Calendar
The MassInsights™ Stream also includes regularly scheduled Economic Event notifications, keeping you up-to-date on important financial reports and announcements. 

Market News
The MassInsights™ Stream will notify you of important market news and updates, as they happen, keeping you informed of all recent advancements in the trading and financial markets.



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