Personal Trading Coaches

When was the last time you received truly personalised service? And for free? UFX believes with the right training and support, every trader can achieve success. That’s why we tailor our complimentary training services to suit your needs and to ensure all UFX traders grow and develop with us.

What’s more, your UFX Personal Trading Coach doesn’t disappear as soon as you know how to use the platform. UFX understands that as your trading develops, you will still want expert support to answer any questions you may have.

Now, instead of us telling you what you’ll learn from our training programme, allow Rick, Vanessa and Max to share their personal experiences at UFX with you:

“I’ve always been a numbers and visuals guy, so my trading relies heavily on technical analysis. When I started trading at UFX, I still had questions about indicators such as Bollinger Bands, and trading theories like Elliot Wave. I was really impressed with how Sophie Woods, my Personal Trading Coach, broke down all the jargon and taught me how to use these trading tools to boost my profits.”  – Rick Bidwell

“Before I joined UFX, I had other online trading accounts, but I always felt very alone in my trading. Alex Cooper, my Personal Trading Coach, made the effort to get to know me, and together we prepared a trading strategy that works for me. Having a professional there to discuss risk and money management in your personal context is also really reassuring.”  – Vanessa Herron

“After searching endlessly online for investing opportunities, I came across UFX. My UFX Personal Trading Coach, Tim Harrison, thought me everything there is to know about fundamental and technical analysis on specific assets. With Tim’s advice I started keeping up with the news and got a new perspective on the how the market works. Political stories, economic events, and world news can all impact asset prices and volatility, and after trading gold with Tim’s help I was able to turn a healthy profit.”- Max Zoid