Visa (V)

History of the Company

Visa Inc. is one of the leading payment processing companies with operations worldwide. Its headquarters are in Foster City, California. The company began as a pilot project of Bank of America when it launched its first credit card program, called the BankAmericard in 1958, capitalizing on the consumer need for one unified credit card. The first program mailed 60,000 functioning cards to customers.

The BankAmericard rapidly gained popularity and it began licensing their program to banks in the United States and other countries, who issued cards with their own brand names. In 1970, Bank of America gave up ownership of the program. In 1976, all the individual license holders of the card merged to form a worldwide network under the name Visa.

In 2006, the company announced that it would be going public as Visa, Inc., with an initial public offering in 2008. Visa offers three types of cards that are issued by its member institutions: debit, credit, and prepaid.

Trading Visa: What You Need to Know

Visa’s annual and quarterly earnings reports provide key insights into the health of the company. It is important for traders to stay apprised of any news or events that may affect the company’s performance before trading.

  • Visa, along with MasterCard, has been the target of several antitrust suits over the years accusing the company of collaborating to prevent banks from doing business with rival American Express. Other suits have accused Visa, along with MasterCard, of high swipe fees and high ATM fees.
  • Visa’s global dominance gives it great power; however, if other countries stop using Visa’s services it may lose some of its influence and revenues may suffer.
  • Visa’s business model gives it a strong competitive advantage in that it does not take on any credit risk or issue its own cards, yet it is the largest retail electronic payment network worldwide based on number of transactions and volume. This makes it an attractive business model and a promising stock to trade.

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